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whk1835 asked:
You could give us a sexy smile selfie to tide us over while you take a break.

I might tomorrow when I don’t have bags under my eyes from being so tired

Anonymous asked:
Heeeeeeeey listem to me, please don't leave us (me) i love your tumblr and i'm kinda in love with you ;----;


whk1835 asked:
Please don't go. You're one of my favorites. It's fine to take a break every once in awhile as we all get busy and don't have time to tumblr.

Okay okay

purefinetalc asked:
Why delete? You might get bored and want to have a browse or occasionally post things. We'll just know that you're busy so won't be posting much. It would be nice to see updates every now and then though, when you do have time. Good luck with studying and everything if you do delete though.

I guess I won’t then. Just know I won’t be very involved here

I might delete my Tumblr. I just don’t have time anymore 😶

I’m turning 21 tomorrow but I also have a test AND class until 4 PM
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